The term „bathtub with hydromasagge“ in this statue refers to the SPA HL – 2002 bathtub which size is 280cm x 230cm x 97cm with 4 seating and 2 places to lie on, located at Domki Słoneczne Wzgórze next to outdoor swimming pool. Maximum water temperature reaches 37 °C.

The term „complex“ refers to the Domki Słoneczne Wzgórze complex.


  1. You are allowed to use the bathtub if you follow these regulations and you are accomodated at the complex (you are guests of the complex).
  2. It is unacceptable and forbidden to make the bathtub available for other people who are not accomodated at the complex.
  3. Using the bathtub is allowed from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. From 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. there are quiet hours at the complex.
  4. Using the bathtub is free of charge for the complex‘ guests.
  5. Under-ages are allowed to use the bathtub under parents‘ or legal guardians care.
  6. Simultaneously in the bathtub can stay 6 people, including 4 sitting and 2 laying people. It is unacceptable to use one place by two people.
  7. Using the spa bathtub must flow with respect to other guests‘ right and peace and quiet at the place of their accomodation.


  1. It is allowed to use the bathtub only after having a shower and cleaning whole body right before getting into the bathtube.
  2. The bathtub should only be activated by the dedicated control panel.
  3. The first person using the bathtub should (before including and going into the bathtub):
    1. remove casing,
    2. put away casing an the hardliner platform to be safe for another pe ople,
    3. check if inside the bathtub are anything dangerous things and remove items before bathing,
    4. put on hydromasssage using launchpad.
  1. The las person leasing the jacuzzi should:
    1. switch off using the correct button on the launchpad,
    2. check if insi de are anythings and remove items before switching off,
    3. put the chasing on the bathtub.
  1. You should inform the staff of the complex when hapten something irregularity.
  2. During walking in and leaving the bathtub in the same time two people, priori ty is for leaving person.
  3. Using of the jacuzzi is not recommending for:
    1. people suffering from cardiological, neurological, gastrin, urological, gynaecological, dermatological ilnesses,
    2. people suffering from medical condition of circulation or respiratory system,
    3. people with bacterial or viral infection chich might be contagious for other guests,
    4. people who have not doctor’s permission or cannot using a hot bath.
  1. It is forbidden to:
    • use the bathtub before switchnig the hydromassage,
    • use the bathtub in different suit from a swimsuit,
    • bathe naked,
    • bathe without taking a shower,
    • use in the bath beauty products like soap, shower gel, shampoo, oil,
    • go into the bath with shoes,
    • stake out a place different from destined to sit or lay,
    • get into the bathtub outsider steps,
    • ditch water,
    • add water,
    • defecate inside the bathtub,
    • go diving In a bathtub,
    • use the bathtub during qui et hours at the complex,
    • use the bathtub by/ with animals,
    • bathe being intoxicated or after using intoxicants,
    • drink alkohol during bathe,
    • take intoxicants during bathe,
    • eatang drink any drinks during bathe,
    • use any glasswares or sharps bin In the bathtub,
    • jump into the bath,
    • push other pe ople into the bath,
    • create situations might be dangerous for other guests bathing,
    • plug ejektor nozzle,
    • open any masked elements of the bath.
  1. People using the bathtub off label and do not respect resolution, have to face up their technically responsibilities.